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AI-powered writing to amplify growth and engagement
Write better Tweets, Posts, and Replies
Designed for 𝕏 (Twitter)
Works natively on your iPhone
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Replying with Followergrow

Reply like a Pro on 𝕏 (Twitter) in 3 easy steps.

Step #1
Share a Tweet from 𝕏 (Twitter)

Effortlessly share Tweets directly into Followergrow, where you can generate and optimize replies for increased reach and engagement.

Step #2
AI-powered Responses

Find the perfect response for any situation: AI generates contextually relevant reply suggestions based on your draft, or without any instructions.

Step #3
Forward & Post the result

Seamlessly forward your AI-generated content directly to 𝕏 (Twitter). Answer with engaging replies in seconds!

𝕏 (Twitter) Reply generator

Engage effectively while building your personal brand.

  • Designed for 𝕏 (Twitter)
  • AI-powered replies
  • With or without instructions
  • Find the perfect tone
  • From draft to well-written text in seconds
  • Using only your iPhone
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Writing posts with Followergrow

Write like a Pro on 𝕏 (Twitter) in seconds.

Step #1
Capture Your Ideas

Get your thoughts flowing freely. Briefly outline your key message and AI will automatically distill the essence of your idea.

Step #2
AI Refinement

Choose the desired tone, or sentiment for your message. Our AI rephrases your draft to achieve an engaging and impactful voice.

Step #3
Forward & Post the outcome

Seamlessly forward your AI-generated content directly to 𝕏 (Twitter). Publish compelling content in seconds!

𝕏 (Twitter) Tweet generator

Go from a draft or idea to a well-written piece of content in seconds, based on your input and thoughts.

  • Designed for 𝕏 (Twitter)
  • AI-powered Tweets and Posts
  • With or without instructions
  • Find the perfect tone
  • Rephrase and fix spelling with a tap
  • Natively on your iPhone
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Features and options

Transforming your 𝕏 (Twitter) growth strategy

Include emojis

Enhance your posts with the perfect emoji. Our AI suggests emojis that match your content's tone, making your messages more engaging and expressive.

Include hashtags

Maximize your reach with smart hashtag suggestions. Our AI analyzes your content to recommend the most relevant hashtags, helping your posts get discovered by a wider audience.

Set output language

Break through language barriers with ease. Choose from a wide range of languages to tailor your content, or simply match the language of the original post, ensuring your message resonates with audiences around the globe.

Output length
Limit output length

Customize the length of your content with precision. Whether you need concise tweets or long format tweets, control the output to fit your specific needs.

Core message
Keep your core message

Ensure your core message shines through every post. Our AI helps distill your thoughts into clear, impactful statements, keeping your communication authentic and on-brand.

Draft & enhance with AI

Start with your ideas, and let our AI do the heavy lifting. Draft your initial thoughts and watch as our AI enhances your content, making it more engaging, coherent, and tailored to your audience.

Context-aware replies

It automatically crafts personalized, relevant responses to comments and messages, ensuring you maintain a high level of interaction with your audience, effortlessly.

Coming soon
New features every week

We are working on additional features, including multimedia support, scheduling, and improved writing features.

Take a look at our roadmap

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you wanted to know

What is Followergrow?

Followergrow is an iOS application designed to help you engage more with your audience, improve your writing, and grow your followers faster while on the go with the help of ai.

Who is Followergrow for?

Followergrow is for anyone looking to expand their social media following, whether you're an individual, a brand, or a business. Whether you're starting from scratch or have an established audience, Followergrow provides the tools you need to achieve your goals.

How do I get started with Followergrow?

Download Followergrow from the App Store, connect with your 𝕏 (Twitter) account, and follow the onboarding instructions to set up your profile and start using the app. You'll receive 25 free credits to start trying it out.

How can Followergrow help me grow my audience?

Followergrow assists you in content writing and engagement, two of the core pillars of audience building. Our app offers features to create engaging posts which improves your content's reach, and enhances your social media ROI, and finally, interact more effectively with your audience.

What if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

No problem! If you're not satisfied, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time. If you are unsatisfied with Followergrow, you can request a refund via the Apple App Store.

Who is behind Followergrow?

Followergrow was created by a team of passionate developers, who decided to grow their 𝕏 (Twitter) presence, and want to help others doing so as well. We are constantly working to improve the app and add new features to support your growth journey.

What LLM does Followergrow use?

Followergrow currently uses OpenAI's GPT-4o. However, we are experimenting with using different models, so this might be subject to change in the future.

How much does using Followergrow cost?

You can use Followergrow with a monthly ($11.95/m) or yearly ($9.95/m) subscription. Currently, we offer free access, providing 25 free credits to try out Followergrow.

Is there any limits or restrictions when using the app?

We have a monthly usage quota based on your subscription, which is high enough for frequent usage.

I have another question

Sure, we're here to help! If you have any additional questions, please contact us via the app's support section or send us an email at [email protected].

I want to have my account removed

Sorry to see you leave, but we understand if Followergrow is not for you. Please just send us an email at [email protected] (or use the menu in the app) and consider it done.

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